Rising Stars Room

Our Rising Stars room is the largest of the three rooms and can cater for up to 28 children.

This room has an additional free flow outside classroom, where the children are able to choose and set up activities of their own choice.

Every Monday and Tuesday the children have ‘Moulin A Paroles’, a French lesson taught by the fantastic Lisa.

The children have really thrived over the years learning another language in the nursery and the staff in this room ensure it is embedded throughout the week.

We also ensure that we prepare each child for school in the best way possible, from mini P.E. lessons, serving their own lunches, pencil control as well as being sociable, so important for growing up.

We have a large interactive white board on the wall in the room, which is used for both maths and literacy based exercises, made to look like games, from phonics, to sequencing and number matching.

Babes in the Wood

Our Babes in the Wood room is a large room with a separate milk kitchen where staff are able to prepare bottles for the younger children.

The room also has a gated non-mobile area for babies who are not yet able to move on their own. This area has lots of hand-held mirrors, lights and padded flooring.

The room has several wooden cots that are again aimed at the younger babies, whereas the older children have little fold away beds to get cosy in.

The room has a sensory area with a light box for the children to explore shadows, colour and textures.

The room is aimed at 0-2 years and caters for up to 12 babies. The staff in the room have great knowledge and understanding of this age group, which is shown through the activities they set out for the children. The staff use open-ended resources, which encourage the children to explore things in depth using all their senses.

The Rainbow Room

Our Rainbow room is another large room, with a separate toileting area for both potty training and nappy changing.

This room is aimed for those children 2-3 years and again caters for up to 12 children. The staff in this room encourage playing together, to help promote communication and language skills ready for the pre-school room.

The staff focus on the children’s individual interests and extend or simplify activities based upon each child’s individual development.

Following on from the baby room routine, our Rainbow room has specific areas for learning goals – which is continued as a thread into the Pre-School room.

our grounds

Our Grounds

The grounds provide a great outside space for all the children to enjoy, including an extensive garden with its own mud kitchen, performance area, herb and vegetable patch and an outside ‘classroom’.

Inside there is an art studio for those inspirational moments and an educational screen that is the latest technology.

We already have a lot here at Poppets but this is all part of a drive to make our setting the best we can through continued investment.

Secure Entry System

At Poppet’s we take security very seriously.

Our setting is fully secure with doors operated by push button release only when adults are recognised as authorised parents / carers.

LED Interactive Board

The latest interactive technology used in educational settings with a 56 inch LED screen and the latest software specifically for Early Years English and Maths. Also with the capability to run internet programmes straight from the web this is the most advanced educational tool available for a nursery setting.

rising stars toom

Arts and Crafts Room

A dedicated room with atmospheric lighting, art stations, different textures and natural materials, providing an holistic area to expand children’s perceptions of the world around them and to inspire them to embrace their natural creativity.

Outside Area

Free flow from the pre-school room to a dedicated outside area with interactive toys that teach through play.

Large Garden

A large garden offering many different areas where the children can enjoy the outside world in a very safe and secure environment. Featuring mud kitchens, vegetable patches and lots of outdoor resources, it allows the children to experience the healthy outdoor life. We also enjoy our annual Poppets Summer BBQ in the lovely garden.

On-site Kitchen

A fully functional on-site kitchen where all the meals are prepared daily, including breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch, mid-afternoon snack and tea. We believe that the children deserve the most nutritious food we can give them and will prepare ‘home cooked’ food.

We take particular care to cater for our children with food intolerances and allergies.

rising stars toom