Funded Childcare

From the 1st of September 2017, 3 & 4 year old children have been able to access up to 30 hours of funded childcare.

Currently children are entitled to a ‘Universal 15’ hours per week of funded sessions, the term following the child’s 3rd birthday and this will remain the same criteria for the additional 15 hours.

The original ‘Universal 15’ hours is open to any child and is not dependent on eligibility. The additional 15 hours or ‘Extended Hours’ will be, and this will be confirmed and handled by HMRC. Currently we can claim for your child’s first 15 hours from Essex County Council once we have your signed parent’s agreement form.

To access the ‘Extended 15 Hours’ you will need to make a claim for these hours at the following website:
This is linked directly to HMRC, who will be able to validate your entitlement. Poppets Nursery CANNOT make this part of the claim for you.

Funded hours are offered as explained below. At this point we should mention that the additional 15 hours is not something we have to offer as a nursery but we want to make your working lives as easy as possible and at the same time ensure the funding works for us as a business.

After Validation

Once your claim has been validated you will be given an 11 digit number by HMRC, which you must then pass to us, preferably by email to eradicate any mistakes. Poppets will then use this number to verify who you are with Essex County Council, who will then confirm we can claim the additional 15 hours funding for you. To ensure your entitlement is actioned for the start of every term we are advising all parents who wish to take up the additional 15 hours to claim as soon as possible to prevent any issues.

We do suggest you get used to this system as you will need to update and confirm your details throughout the year to ensure you can keep on claiming the additional 15 hours funding. Without this confirmation your invoice will reflect full priced sessions.

Obviously, if you are also looking to increase sessions once you become entitled to funding, can you please contact Lyn Curry, our Finance Manager, as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. If you won’t be claiming the additional hours, again please let her know so she can keep you on the ‘Universal’ funding requirement

Term Time Only Funding

The majority of our sessions are in blocks of six hours.
7.00am – 1.00pm (AM)
1.00pm – 7.00pm (PM)
9.00am – 3.00pm (School Day)

All of these hours are available as funded sessions. With 30 hours a week funding this means you will be able to take up to 5 x 6 hour sessions per week.

We are aware that some of you work longer days, but not all week, so with this in mind we will allow you to take two six hour funded sessions against a full Monday – Full Day would be broken into AM & PM and we will allocate 5 hours of funding to each 6 hour session and you will pay the additional 1 hour rate, currently £7.50 for the other hour of each session. (Due to Essex County Council regulations we are only allowed to offer a maximum of 10 hours funding per day). Therefore, a full day funded rate would cost you £15.00 per day, plus meal supplements (£4.50).

Meal supplements are not a condition of being offered a funded place, and you are more than welcome to provide packed lunches and snacks for the sessions should you so wish.

Spread Funding

Spread Funding over 48 weeks.

30 hours term time funding spread to 23.75 hours over 48 weeks.
15 hours term time funding spread to 12 hours over 48 weeks.

We also offer spread funding. Instead of receiving funding for only the term time weeks, you will receive the equivalent funded hours for 48 weeks of the year. This will not cover four weeks in August, as we have found this is when the majority of parents take annual leave with their children. Your sessions throughout August will be charged in full.

23.75 hours funding:
Working in six hour session blocks, this would equate to almost four sessions. A 15 minute period would not be covered in the four sessions and would be chargeable. At our current rates this will be £1.88. This would then be the fees for four funded sessions. Plus, meal supplements per funded session.

As with the term time funding we can offer the maximum of ten hours per day funding if you take full days with us, again breaking the day down into AM & PM sessions, and you would pay for the additional two hours (£15.80) plus meal supplements. (£4.75)

12.00 hours funding:
Working in six hour sessions, this would fully cover two sessions with meal supplements payable. These two sessions must be spread over two days under Essex County Council regulations.

Please note whichever funding you decide on, it can only be allocated to five, six or ten hour sessions (full day). We can’t break the funding down any more than this.

Obviously funding is new to you, so if you do get confused, please speak to Lyn Curry and she can work out bespoke costs for your family’s needs.

During COVID restrictions including social distancing and ‘bubble’ requirements for nursery sessions, we would operate slightly shorter hours than normal. Our temporary opening hours would be 7.30am to 6.00pm. We will revert to our normal hours as soon as possible.

Standard 6 hourly fully paid sessions that are impacted by these temporary hours currently have reduced fees. These will revert to normal charges once we are operating our full hours.