Poppets Mission Statement


Our Promise

Poppets Day Nursery will strive to give our children a safe, caring, lovely environment in which to play, learn, be themselves and flourish. We will walk hand in hand with them during their time with us to support the developmental journey already started at home. We are committed to providing quality childcare in a setting where the children can feel happy, loved and supported.

We will offer stimulating activities and experiences that encourage the children to learn through play in a way that encourages their individuality, social skills and educational progress. We are at all times guided in this goal by the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). In addition we will track their emotional and creative needs with a view to helping the children blossom at Poppets whilst preparing them for school and the outside world.

We will support and inform parents of their child’s development by way of good practitioner/parent partnerships, bridging the gap between home and the nursery. This will enhance communication and identify ways we can help our young charges reach their full potential during these crucial early years.

Poppets Mission Statement

We Encourage

It is important to us that the children spend their time in an atmosphere of:


-Fairness and honesty

-Respect for themselves and others

-Good manners

-Emotional support for children and their parents

We promise that we will strive for excellence in all areas, so that the children in our care will have the best start possible and that parents will have peace of mind that they have chosen the right Nursery School for their child.

Our Mission at Poppets